Cosmic Family

The Cosmic Family

According to science, our home planet is the only one known to harbor life as we know it. Many of us feel that we have, on occasion, been contacted by beings from distant planets—members of our Cosmic Family. Although personal experiences are not necessarily considered credible in scientific circles, that doesn’t mean these events haven’t occurred. It simply means that science has not yet discovered a way to accurately capture the conditions of the electronic energy or frequency changes that seem to occur around this type of phenomenon. Science is correct in its desire to record phenomena on data machines and computers, allowing these phenomena to be experienced more universally and understood more tangibly.

In the meantime, it seems that science is still waiting for a White House lawn landing. This is despite the fact that respected news media outlets, investigators, and film producers from Mexico, England, and around the world have already documented unusual, unexplained, and out-of-this-world sightings on camera and film. Because science is always learning, there are still plenty of wonderful scientific possibilities for discovery in all areas, including Extraterrestrial contact, I know I have had my own fascinating experiences in this area.

Until NASA’s Apollo Program in the late 1960s, those of us on Earth had never actually seen our planet from outer space. This was only a half-century ago. Back then, we relied on the imaginations and minds of scientists, philosophers, and creative science fiction writers. These stories included everything from the Buck Rogers series of the 1930s to classic sci-fi characters on TV and film, such as the adventurous Dr. Who and Star Trek.

The Apollo Program revealed important pictures from the real outer space and showed what a fragile and wonderful world we live in—perhaps best described as a spark of life in the barren emptiness of space. Science shows us that the surface of Earth is consistently being reshaped by atmospheric and tectonic pressures. Unlike the moon and other planets, the Earth is not marked by craters.
Distant Galaxies

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