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There is truly more to the universe than we anticipated, and it is important to keep an open mind.

Clarisa Bernhardt's Interdimensional Exploration

You’re invited to join me as I delve into the world of astrology and interdimensional exploration. I created this website to offer you positive glimpses into the areas of Special Spaces and the Super Places of your mind. Here, you’ll find information about visions, your intuition, the sixth sense, the paranormal—and how all this can be used to make your life nicer.
I also present you with helpful information as you attempt to achieve a clearer understanding of how to contact members of our Cosmic Family, including Angels, Extraterrestrials, and the Space Brothers—some of whom hail from the Pegasus Constellation and use time travel to visit us. During my explorations, I’ve also received vision communications from other Cosmic Family members, including Mary the Holy Mother, who told me of her wish to be a friend to many and not merely a religious concept.
My hope is that you employ my guidelines and visions to help predict and avoid geographic earthquakes—as well as personal earthquakes. You’ll learn why I have an interest in these quakes, but, most importantly, you’ll learn to recognize the importance of positive thinking. That’s how you can benefit most, for the power of thought is truly incredible, whether it’s being used to improve your life or the lives of others. “Mind over matter” is all about the power of your thoughts, and it applies to all situations. For example, dieters can focus on “mind over platter” to achieve real results.
You have a wonderful sixth sense, and you’re an integral part of the universe. Recognize this, learn to use it, and communicate with your higher and inner dimensions—for the so-called paranormal is truly normal…
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My Work

With more than three decades of experiences and possibly many past lifetimes; I’ve learned how to connect with other dimensions of our universe. I’m known for my interdimensional photography and frequency work, as well as for seeing auras around people and photos. I’m even contacted by Angels, who provide me with countless profound thoughts and helpful quotes. In fact, the Archangel Michael once contacted me with a message of the importance to not be caught up with or immersed in negative thoughts. 

Most importantly, I want people to know that my spiritual and astrological work and efforts are based on my own research and experiences, as well as through the years, studying various mystical and spiritual pathways. From 2003 through 2019 I gained vast moments of wonderful knowledge wrapped in new experiences as an astrologer and astrology columnist for

By the way, I’m not trying to be a guru; I simply want to help everyone become more aware of their unlimited potential, especially through the gifts of their own inner starlight.!!! 

Person Raising Arms Towards Beautiful Glowing Sunshine

Hopefully your thoughts will join me as we explore exciting worlds of astrology and interdimensional exploration.  And that my website will inspire you to receive positive glances inside your mind’s Special Spaces and Super Places. And as thoughts are things, You just may discover your own pathways to become more than you ever dreamed.  And as time moves forward, you’ll learn and explore about visions, intuition, the sixth sense, and the paranormal—and how to use it all to hopefully make your life better.

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Please Note: This website is updated and expanded frequently. Check back often to see new content or to remind yourself that you’re a very important part of the universe! In the meantime, contact me with any questions you may have.