Visions – Clarisa Bernhardt's Meditation for Angelic Help & Safe Travel

Over the years, I have experienced Angelic contact on many occasions. In years past, I was privileged to communicate with several Angels who inspired my meditation for Angelic help and safe travel. These Angels encouraged me to tell my friends and those important to me that everyone should feel comfortable calling on Angels for help when needed. The Angels told me they were surprised that not as many people call on them as one might think.

So, as a messenger of this information, I sincerely encourage you to consider Angels when you have a need. Most of us have no problem calling a repairman for our home or calling someone to assist in other ways. Therefore, we should be comfortable calling on the Angelic Realm for assistance in certain situations. It is easy to do. Simply send the Angels a thought message as you are drifting off to sleep. This allows the thought’s energy to travel through the universe to the Angelic Hosts—who are as close to you as your thoughts. I hope that this meditation is a helpful guide to Angel contact and provides an example of how these Angels can support you.
Tree Visions
One autumn, as I was traveling on a Northwest Air flight from Kansas City to my home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I recalled a recent Angelic communication. Shortly after takeoff, the pilot announced that we were entering turbulent weather and advised us to fasten our seatbelts. We were told to expect to keep them fastened throughout the entire flight as a huge November storm appeared to be heading in the direction of our flight. Soon, it became turbulent and bumpy. Closing my eyes, I distinctly recalled one of my visions in which three Angels advised me of their desire to help others, but that people must specifically “ask” for assistance.
So, with my eyes still closed, I cleared all thoughts from the webpage of my mind and visualized the plane. Directing my thoughts respectfully to the Angels, I requested that they please balance the weather. I then further visualized four Angels dressed in white. Two were under each wing of the plane with the wingtips resting on their shoulders, one supported the nose of the plane, and the final Angel supported the tail section. Almost immediately, the bumpy flight became smooth.
After approximately an hour, I could see huge dark storm clouds ahead. So, I visualized an additional twelve Angels (visualize as many as you need) dressed in a myriad of robes—electric blues, emerald greens, bright pinks, and brilliant golds—with three of the twelve Angels wearing each of the four colours.
Abstract Visions
Then, I visualized the Angels flying to the clouds and pushing them back, thereby clearing a safe flight path for our plane. I can tell you that our flight was incredibly non-forecasted and wonderfully smooth, even as we descended through the clouds into Minneapolis. There wasn’t a single bump! The pilot commented over the loudspeaker that the smooth flight had been a nice yet unexpected surprise.
An hour later, the same turbulent weather advisory was given as we flew on to Winnipeg. Repeating the same visualizations from before, I was absolutely thrilled to have another smooth flight. Again, the pilot commented that he wouldn’t complain and couldn’t explain. I smiled to myself and quietly thanked the Angels for their wonderful help.

The Angel meditation/communication may be adapted to assist in other areas of your life. It is also featured in Brad Steiger’s highly acclaimed book, Our Shared World of the Supernatural (Chapter 10), published by Signet Press. For more information about my work with UFOs, ETs, auras, Angelic dimensions, and so much more.

Don’t forget: the Angels want to help you… but first, you must ask.