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I want to pay tribute to Mary, the Holy Mother who has privileged me with numerous visions of information in past years which I have tried to use to be of assistance to those specific individuals who were the subject of her messages...This vision however has a broader concern and is for the many....not just a I wanted to honor her and put it in my website to share and hopefully encourage others to know that Mary is trying to be a friend to all....

I thought I would like to share a letter I wrote to His Holiness following this vision from Mary, The Holy Mother on October 27, 2002. It was also documented as explained below. In addition the next day following the vision, I returned to the St. Mary's Cathedral area and took several photos which resulted in showing some most unusual phenomena upon the film's being developed. I have included two photos...But for the significance of the vision, thank you for reading the following letter first for understanding.

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Subject : Fwd: A vision/message from Mary (Oct. 27 )re qke increase & weather concerns

Date : Wed, 6 Nov 2002 22:07:12 EST (date I sent the BCC's to undisclosed)
Subject : A vision/message from Mary (Oct. 27,2002) re qke increase & weather concerns

Date : Sat, 2 Nov 2002 21:32:34 EST

this was originally sent as a bcc... to several individuals for further documentation on Nov. 2, 2002..

And as I was unable to acquire a specific e-mail address for Pope John Paul II just sent this letter to him as an air mail registered letter in Vatican City, Italy re a vision I received, Sunday Oct. 27, 2002. The Canada post Registered letter document was item # RT 189 149 635 CSA mailed Nov. 4, 2002 at Winnipeg, Canada. All receipts are on file. And I believe you will find the letter is self explanatory.....this is just for your information. As a result have sent the email to myself with a blind carbon copy to various the week following the vision of Mary, there was a documented increase in quakes around the world...and extremely strange weather...including a school collapsing in Italy which sadly ended the earth lives of many children.. . Every past vision I have previously received from Mary has had a most significant meaning which has occurred or guided others through significant events I feel this particular vision is important to seriously consider....but also because of Mary's message it is definitely something that can be harmonized and an energy balanced...or she would not have tried to call it to the attention..a preventive measure...this is not a time for fear but a time for positive action.... And a long time effort of mine has been to emphasize to others that as 'thoughts are things'... help stop 'earthquakes' personal or planetary....please send love to our planet...which is a positive thought.....thanks for yours!!! Any comments you care to make will be happily received. Please scroll down.. to my letter to His Holiness...written in 2002 Tks.

November 2, 2002
His Holiness, Pope John Paul II
00120 Via del Pellegrino
Citta del Vaticano, Italy

Your Holiness,

On several occasions over past years, I feel to have been blessed and honoured by the appearance of the Holy Mother, Mary.... at which times I have received beneficial information....which I have then tried to deliver to the individuals concerned.

As a result I sincerely feel an obligation to try to share with you my most recent experience which occurred this past Sunday October 27th, 2002 at approximately 1:15pm central standard time in Winnipeg, Canada as I was exciting onto a street across from The St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral/Church at St. Mary's Street and Hargrave St. when I was privileged to see her and a message she gave me for all...

I would appreciate your extending me the kindness of reviewing my experience and wonder if you can help me in my understanding of it. In return I humbly hope that I am completing my duty to the Blessed Mother to deliver the information to you as I know I am supposed to...

I will first comment ...I cannot explain why she chose to deliver it to me instead of you there....but none the less it occurred.... certainly I consider myself a spiritual and caring person and it is extremely important to me to say while I am not a member of the Catholic religion ... I do have respect for you and your efforts to your church responsibilities. However I would trust and hope that all churches initially have good intentions.

I sometimes come through from my apartment building and exit through the nearby Hotel so as to avoid extra exposure to the extreme, sometimes Siberian type cold Winnipeg weather....And as one exits from the hotel, there is a lovely statue across the street in the Church yard of Mary which is easily visible, yet not demanding that one look at it.....

However on this past Oct. 27th, Sunday morning, As I exited onto the street I gazed at the church area and Mary's image....suddenly the vision in my right eye began to change, pulsate and swirl , like looking into a beautiful kaleidoscope I found I was now seeing a totally different 'somewhere" a higher reality... ...and was looking into another 'space or place' which showed me a most magnificent stained glass window in a sort of oval shape which featured a combination of beautiful glass in vivid blues and reds....

Then in the middle as the energy continued to swirl and circle ... slowing down, Mary appeared white... she was now centered in the oval shaped stained glass window....And Suddenly she began to move and this vision of her became dazzlingly real and absolutely life she seemingly looked towards me and I could feel her gaze pierce my soul....

Now please remember all this is being shown to me through my right eye....while my left eye's vision is still viewing the regular world...the street the exterior of the church ..everything else is as it usually is...a few cars are driving by...and lots of motion and activity being viewed through my left eye....But this does not interfere with energy that is manifesting to me that is now as vivid as regular I am seeing 'two' different scenes. And I'm sure you can understand why I would quickly try to locate a place to be seated...which I did in a nearby restaurant....closing both my eyes now...and noticing that eyes closed...the vision in my left eye...was like a regular eye when you close it...there is no visual images as in preparing for sleep...However... my right eye...with the vision of Mary continued...and this lasted for at least 30 to 45 minutes....She gave me information on several subjects...and I felt her strong concern about weather and increase in earthquakes...but here is the precise message she gave her words....and I quote:

"It is a spiritual responsibility to pray.
The power of prayer can save the world.
Pray for the world."

It is not necessarily a new message but it is an immediate mesage perhaps to remind many people of their spiritual certainly send love to the world or planet ...and to not leave "prayer" to some one else.

I learned the next day, Monday Oct. 28,2002 ....that about the time of my vision of Mary, the beginning of the eruption of Mt. Etna occurred...

I then went to the St. Mary's Church to tell the Father there about my vision. I spoke to a young woman, his assistant, who advised me he was out of town until this coming week. And because of the time of day of my visit, the main part church was closed...Thus, I was not able to enter until the following day to see if I could find any clue to a window in St. Mary's church that might hopefully verify any part of what I had seen in my vision..... So, as I entered into the church on the right hand side about the 3rd and 4th window in...

I gasped in awe because there were two similar windows with the exact colors with the electrifying vivid blue and one with the red....that was the exact shades...the other windows were very picturesque and creatively done...but not with these this was sort a personal affirmation that there was a link with this church and the manifestation. So I quietly found a place to be seated to say a sincere prayer of thanks and ask for what to do with the since the Priest or Father is away...I thought I should send this to you there in the Vatican....

In past communications to me from Mary....I have received the information of her sincere caring for Mother's and for Children....Of this, I have no doubt...and she has given me guidance in my own life which has been phenomenal...and miraculous.... And of course now this past week...children were tragically and sadly lost when the school collapsed north of Naples. There have been in the past two or so weeks extraordinary events of increase of earthquakes all over the world (according to the earthquake report lists)...

It appears to be urgent and important to please consider this message Mary is giving....and even though it is delivered by an unorthodox messenger such as my is absolutely sincere ........there could be much more loss....

so perhaps with Mary's message to pray for the world, we can stop the earthquakes and harmonize the earth's weather by sending love to the planet thru prayer and recognizing that we do each and individually have a spiritual responsibility to pray....And by heeding her message it would seem these losses do not have to occur.

At this writing the earthquakes appear to be increasing....

Thank you for allowing me to give you this message that Mary gave to me to bring to you. With kindest regards and great respect,

Clarisa Bernhardt
(please see added post script)

P.S. Also ...... If you have any thoughts on this I would sincerely appreciate to hear from you. To further try to substantiate the sincerity of my receiving this vision, within 25 hours after the vision...I visited my doctor to have him check my eyes...specifically my right eye in which the vision occurred ... to see if there was any physical change..(that could have contributed to such a phenomena). After giving my eyes a medical check up I was advised that the interior of my eyes were in good physical condition...I just did this to be sure all was well...and to be able to thus have properly documented that there was nothing physically wrong with my eyes or vision at the time the event occurred.

Other of my vision of Mary are featured in ... "Mother Mary Speaks To Us" Life-changing encounters with the Virgin Mary by the outstanding writers and researchers Brad Steiger and Sherry Hanson Steiger ISBN 00-451-18804-7 pgs 39 and 165. Coincidentally, it was this time of year on a Nov. 3rd some years ago that I received a rather miraculous vision from Mary when she appeared to me and is featured in this book just mentioned... So..your Holiness, .by Mary,the Holy Mother appearing to me now, this past week......I feel it is has a most significant meaning and perhaps it is my turn to try to help her by delivering her message to you there .....

Clarisa Bernhardt

and these are
**** **** ***The interesting photos that followed *** **** ****

SO TWO DAYS LATER, ON OCT. 29 ,MY ATTUNEMENT STRONGLY CONTINUED WITH THE IMPORTANCE OF MARY'S MESSAGE TO ME.....IN FACT IT WAS AS IF I WAS BEING DIRECTED....SO I THEN RETURNED TO THE SAME AREA OF THE ST. MARY'S CATHEDRAL COURT YARD....ON ST. MARY'S STREET AT HARGRAVE (IN WINNIPEG, MANITOBA ) AND WALKED UP TO THE GRACEFUL STATUE OF MARY. THINKING...WHY AM I HERE...IT SUDDENLY SEEMED I SHOULD THEN TAKE A PHOTO OF THE STATUE......SO WITH MY 35MM KODAK CAMERA AND 200 SPEED COLOR FILM... this moment...... using my thoughts to attempt a telepathic respectful type of communication...I tried to communicate a message that I realized that the vision of Mary had occurred about 48 hours before....however if any of the energy was still there from the vision was most welcome to appear in my photo.

Just in the past few years for some reason when I take a photo...whether it is a regular 35mm type camera or even a disposable one....unusual energies seems to appear. Not in every photo I take...but in many...So...just am trying to explain. And this was actually the first time I ever 'asked' or thought that type of communication to unseen energies... So..... as you will see below ....two unusual photos which show extremely interesting energy manifestations around the status of St. Mary's Cathedral in Winnipeg, Manitoba....I have only shared what happened....and certainly this is my experience...but I assure you it happened....See what you think of the photos... I only know to explain them in this way....And although they are taken in Kodak color originally...a friend who is an expert photographer suggested I could highlight the phenomena by putting them in reverse negative...So...I did...and as a result the photos are blue based...which accents the energy... See what you think...hope you find them inspirational and at least interesting...I'm still meditating on them.....!!!

Answering the call - reverse colour photo of statue of Mary.

"Answering The Call" @ photo copyright 2002,2003

This photo was taken on Oct. 29, 2002 shortly after I telepathically invited any energies that were still in the area to be in the picture I was taking ...With the film in the reverse can see the 'orbs' or sprit energies coming in... and answering my invitation..

The 2nd photo also extremely interesting because of the formation the "orbs" or spirit energies take around the statue of if in an ethereal type of arc...and also please notice below on the right side of the statue at the edge of her sleeve....there is one orb overlapping another. And although we had already had a seasonal Manitoba snow...and there is some snow on the greenery around the statue but it also shows blue in the reverse......I believe you can tell the was not snowing at the time the photos were taken....but there was no moisture on the camera lens. And in the days and weeks that followed I took more photos...when there was absolute sunshine...and those I'll keep to share with you for another time...

Statue of Mary photo put into reverse colour

"The Orbs form a heavenly arc over Mary's statue" @photo Copyright 2002,2003

Original snapshot the statue of Mary. Original of Circle of Light photo.

This snapshot of course is the original of what I call "Circle Of Light" as the orbs form a sort of arc of light over the statue of Mary...then of course it was put into a reverse mode to accent the light orbs and make them easier to see...but they also show up very nicely here in the zoomed-in give you the first view that I also saw when I received the pictures back.

So whether you 'pray', meditate, contemplate or just sure to remember Mary's message...please remember "It is a spiritual responsibility to pray for the world...the power of prayer can save the world...Pray for the world"...and then translate it in to your understanding and use your thoughts in a positive way to send love to our needs all the help we can give it...but use the power of your thoughts to do something positive...for remember... it's the only planet we have!!!

I am looking at this subject from an open mind and from a spiritual and metaphysical more than a religious approach....but from whatever direction you are coming...just be the best you know to be....for whether it is spiritual, metaphysical or religious...just remember there are many different ways to travel spiritually or for example, even when entering into a city...some may walk, some may drive a car, some may take a bus and nowadays some may even roller blade...but the point is...everyone gets there ...eventually.....but Mary's message is simple and specific...Please try to use it...don't leave the action to someone else...for your efforts are important and needed. Blessings and light....