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My Earthquake Predictions

My first public prediction for an Earthquake forecast was made on my radio show, "Exploration" on then radio station KRVE-FM in Los Gatos, California where I lived at the time.

I had received a "vision" in early November of 1974 where I was shown a calendar, the date was circled and just happened to be Thanksgiving day....and the word "Earthquake" was stamped across it...Then I 'heard' it would be about 3PM and that no one would be hurt. To me this was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate an example of using the sixth sense...or intutive ability... Of course later after it occurred...the press preferred to dub it 'psychic'...

I decided that I would announce on my radio show the following week on that Tuesday before the Thanksgiving day date.

So then all the factors that should concern a person got my attention...I didn't want to frighten anyone... so I contacted a friend who, at the time was a weekend news editor for the NBC affiliate in San Francisco. When I spoke to him the first question he it going to hurt anyone? When I said no...he said ..."Go for it"...and perhaps you'll get to prove your point...and if it doesn't happen people will just laugh and forget it... As I wanted several opinions as well as documentation back up I also contacted columnists Leigh Weimers at the San Jose Mercury newspaper... and he also encouraged to go ahead...Then I spoke to the Police department and a news writer , Jean Noyes , for the local Los Gatos Times., etc. And every one said "Make the Prediction"...

On my radio show I tried to interview people who were business people and community respected and who used their intuitiveness in their everyday work as much as possible. And it was fascinating at what I found.

However on this particular Tuesday, two days before THankskgiving 1974, my guest was Milan Ryzil a professor at the San Jose State University in San Jose. He had been featured in the book "Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain" researcher Shiela Ostrander . During the interview, he told how he had worked with many people in communist world conditions who were vision impaired. He was fascinating with his story of how these individuals seemed to have a highly developed awareness of what was going on around them as they had no vision. He also told my audience that day, that numerous of them could even put their hands over a page in a book and it would be as if they could actually see the words.... I was so interested in what he had to tell that I almost forgot to make my predction...And as I had told him about it prior to the the last few minutes my guest, Milan Ryzil asked me...."Clarisa, what about your prediction ?" ..."Oh, I almost forgot" I quickly then I announced to my listeners..... "if they wanted to avoid their turkey dinners sliding across the tables " wait until after 3 o'clock on that coming Thursday afternoon to have their Thanksgiving dinner, as there would be a moderate earthquake about 5.2 in the San Jose, California area...and apparently in some homes the turkey did slide across the tables precisely at 3:01pm and landed in the laps of several skeptics..

My life was instantly changed. My accurate prediction was acknowledged as it had been documented with local authorities a week prior to the event, as well as having announced it to my radio audience, the two days before the event on my radio show.

As a result of my accurate prediction, the United States Geological Survey in Denver, Colorado, set up a specific program, under the direction of Dr. John Derr, to investigate the potential of psychic earthquake prediction. They invited me to participate in the study, which I did. Of some 200 participants in the program, the scientists said that I was the only one who showed a significant consistancy in my forecast, and that I was the leader in the accuracy of earthquake prediction, beating out other individuals as well as scientists and even a computer...!!!

I have had numerous visions of quakes that were documented and which will be soon featured here...