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My Interest in Earthquake Predictions

Earthquakes are certainly negative energy....some more destructive then others. And every such inharmony in nature whether it manifests itself in a earthquake, severe thunderstorm, tornadoes, hurricanes , floods....can cause damage to peoples homes and their lives....sometimes repairable and sometimes not....and certainly always can challenge the emotional stability of an area of a few blocks to an entire country.

My entire interest in earthquake prediction had a twofold intent. First being aware that I was extremely sensitive to atmospheric conditions and just happened to seem to have a strong intuitive ability to know about some earthquakes...before they occurred....seemed to me to be a great opportunity to use "Earthquake Predictions/forecasts" to demonstrate that the sixth sense is real......and also at the same time hoped to get the attention of the scientific community so that perhaps I could direct my intuitive abilitys to help to try to save lives if I would receive such information 'before' a quake occurred.

And through my accurate predictions and one super one.. I became know as the only person to ever predict an earthquake with the day, the location, the magnitude, to the MINUTE of the event...and that was my first public prediction on my Radio Show "Exploration" in Los Gatos, Calif, for the November 28, 1974 Thanksgiving Day Earthquake.