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My Guidelines to Help Everyone Predict Earthquakes

Not everyone has visions of earthquakes such as I have had.... However....over the years I have discovered that by observing certain phenomenah can predict an earthquake.....within a period of time as much as 24 to 48 hours in advance....

So I plan to include those guidelines here and hope you will use them for your own benefit and then you can make you own decisions.

There are several different ways...and until I have them up properly, I don't want to disappoint you so here is one example...and I will soon have a photo to show you a specific example....And this is with clouds....I have absolutely observed a certain type of cumulous cloud which looks like so many golfballs in the sky...all close together you can watch them easily for up to a week...and the more intense they become the more likely a quake is to occur imminently. There was a song back in the 1940's era called "Old Buttermilk Sky"...and on the cover page of the lyric was a photo of a buttermilk sky....I recently discovered it while browsing thru old music displays. And with the clouds on the page...the song's title could have easily been, "Old Earthquake Sky"...for that is the type of clouds to watch for. And in fact I used the cloud guideline to confirm and combine with some of my intutive feelings re earthquake activity in an area in Central California....and called up the columist and said I see Earthquake Clouds...he noted this and sure enough the next day...some tremors definitely hit the area. I will have a photo up soon. But keep watching the sky!!!