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My Favourite International UFO Conference and Film Festival

There are many UFO gatherings..... there is only one ***International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival***

I was so pleased to be invited to participate as a speaker at this wonderful annual IUFOCongress Convention and Film Festival in March, 2001 at Laughlin, Nevada ...hosted by Bob and Teri Brown...where I felt most priviledged to speak to such a receptive audience about my positive experiences of being contacted by Space beings from an advanced civilization.......... I think you will like this web site and the opportunity for wonderful adventure that it offers.

International UFO Congress
"If you are ready for truth and knowledge that can empower you, and help you become a positive life force, then we invite you to read about past events, and plan to attend future ones. We promise you one thing - it will be a week you will never forget!" Bob Brown, IUFOC Director/host

EBE Awards
Another addition to the annual events at the IUFOC is the EBE AWARDS & FILM FESTIVAL.. This is done to enable film producers from around the world to present their UFO and related documentary productions from the prior year, and compete with other producers for the illustrious EBE Awards, which are awarded at the closing banquet.
(EBE stands for "extraterrestrial biological entity".)