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The Shirley MacLaine Website
For the past fifteen years I have combined astrology with my intuitive abilitys to enchance my readings quiet successfully for my many clients, which include corporations as well as individuals.. I sincerely feel that this method for what I call "Astrological Insight" produces a thorough and rather fresh appproach to unlocking the keys to the knowledge from the stars.

I am delighted to be a part of the Astrological team for the Shirley MacLaine Website at since 2003 which also has included numerous Astrological columns. I hope you will visit her fascinating website and check out the many aspects of astrology that we work with. And if you would like a chart done, you'll find directions for the "how to" ... Thanks.!!!

Lynn Gertenbach -- Impressionist Painter
Lynn Gertenbach is a wonderfully talented artist, a dedicated Impressionist painter of vibrant landscapes, water scenes , coastal seascapes and portraits. I hope you will be sure to check out her website to see her incredible paintings that also bring a mystical energy to her impressions of Machu PIchu and to her paintings of the glorious gardens of Giverny... Certainly all Lynn's paintings complement meditation, but there is a special energy with a radiance of its own that one can easily identify with, in her Machu Pichu... I hope you will find a painting that is just right for you. Lynn has continued to receive many honours and awards thru the years. A long time friend , I am delighted to encourage you to be sure to visit her websit.
As many know, I have great enthusiasm about "The Wellness Wand.Net" .. I truly feel everyone on planet Earth should have at least, one...!!! Certainly check it out !!! I am so impressed for what it has done for me and for friends. It can speed up healing for many situations that you can read about on their website link. And it saved me personally from a hospital trip after a recent accident of scalding water from a tea kettle spilling on to the top of one of my feet. I quickly grabbed the Wellness Wand and following instructions, it was amazing. There was not even one blister burn that occurred and all redness went away seeming like almost instantly. You will have to experience The Wellness Wand zero point technology for yourself.

If you should decide to buy one will notice they offer an unconditional money back guarantee. And when you place your order on line, be certain to type in the word "Hope" .; Using this code you will also receive a helpful discount. And when you check the www.WellnessWand.Net link to read about its special point zero technology.......Remember the Wellness Wand" and "Hope" can make a positive difference.

Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger
Long time friends, award winning authors and super writers, Brad Steiger and Sherry Hanson Steiger have honored me on many occasions over the years, by inviting me to participate in many of their books by sharing events of the paranormal and the miraculous and manytime unexplained moments. In another section of my website I list numerous of their books in which they include my experiences. Brad and Sherry's website gives a wealth of information about their many books and investigations of extraordinary interesting supernatural and natural things.... Here's a link so you may enjoy their website and learn more...!!!

Fortuna Internet Solutions
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Rosicrucian Order AMORC | Mastery of Life
There are many excellent paths on the road to achieving higher spiritual awareness...... And of course what is right for one person is not necessarily right for another. However, if you are seriously searching .....this is one site that is outstanding in its presentation of ancient knowledge and you should consider it in your spiritual choices to pursue the mastery of life. I have only the highest respect and gratitude for the outstanding AMORC teachings.

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