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I'd like to share the titles of some of my favorite books, although I have no personal association with them, I think these listed are very special and have certainly inspired and encouraged me to continue forward into the avenues of spiritual adventure....and have helped to give me more insight into many subjects... If you find any should be out of print and are hoping to read them..please ...check your library, used book stores, eBay and If you are from Canada, you will need to access

by Peter Richelieu, The Aquarian Press ISBN 0-85030-812-7

I think that it is a very special and wonderful book that is important and especially helpful if you have just lost someone close to you....that is they have taken on their new Cosmic Assignment. And if you choose to read it..I suggest for the best only one chapter a night...and read it just before you go to sleep....It is very powerful and enlightening. It is a true spiritual treasure!!!

by Jack Countryman, published by Nelson, Foster & Strott, Ontario, Canada ISBN 0-919324-371
Also published by Robert Hale Ltd., London ISBN 0-7091-6488-2

This lovely book is most uplifting to read and speaks of the beautiful stars of the Pleiades. It captures a great deal of literary treasure and suggest the magnificence and beauty of this star cluster may be of a different order from other stars. ...and that they may have sent cosmic initiators to earth. It is an exciting book to read re tie ins with Atlantis and explores a new view of universal truths. Everyone I have suggested this book to has had only lovely things to say about it.

by John Michell, Harper & Row publishers, ISBN 0-06-250578-5

Another one of my favourite books which was first published in 1969 in Great Britain....This book explores the energy lines, 'ley lines' that cross Britain and it s links to ancient places throughout the world...and discusses the code to elemental science, exploring traditional measures still in use today, and the corresponding units of the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and points out that the same units recur in the dimensions of monuments all over from Stonehenge to Teotihuacan. But what I found most exciting it explores and confirms that traditional sacred places were centers of natural magic, and other ancient adepts who possessed knowledge of the earth vital also touches on UFO's. I have read and reread this book over the years...

By Norman Vincent Peale, ISBN 0--517-08472-4

Another powerful example is emphasized in best selling inspirational author Norman Vincent Peale's combination of his three most popular books......... "The Power of Positive Thinking", "The Positive Principle Today" and "Enthusiasm MakesThe Difference" .... the theme of "Enthusiasm"..... featured in one section of this book combination a most important key in helping the positive manifest in your life for "Enthusaism" definitely makes the difference.....

I know of many individuals who have specifically made a point to use the positive thinking factor in saving their business which also resulted in turning their lives in a more positive direction.....and their enthusiasm absolutely made the difference....for after all thoughts are things...!!! This book gives you the guidelines in how to use positive thinking and make it work to lead to success in business and in your personal life.

Even if you are a long time student of metaphysics and or perhaps just a beginner cautiously exploring how to properly think positive.......this is indeed a wonderful book to boost your thoughts positively....... .....


Consider the books I've just mentioned wonderful friends!!! Hope you will research them and find a bit of extra special moments in reading and learning more about the universe...

Other books I recommend will be added here from time to time so please check back....