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The following is a list of books I have been featured in. Most are available through If you are from Canada, you will need to access Enjoy!

"Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits & Haunted Places"
by Brad Steiger published, Aug. 2003 by Visible Ink Press, Mich. ISBN # 1-5879-146-5

I think this book is an exciting exploration of "is there life after ….or isn't there" ? It's an extremely interesting account of unusual spirit and ghostly experiences that Brad Steiger has put together that will even make the most skeptical non-believer take a second look. I was most pleased to be invited by Brad to share some of the positive experiences related to spirit communication that I've seen and participated in by bringing specific positive and helpful messages to dear ones of the departed. Some of my spirit communicators were well known in their earth life and some were not….but all had a definite purpose in their message…. I think this is one book, you will find exciting and that it gives much to think about……

"Our Shared World of the Supernatural"
by Brad Steiger published, Aug. 2001 Penguin/Putnam books ISBN 0-451-20397-8

In this book of Brad's I was pleased to be able to share several of my additional experiences about contact with the Space Brothers and how I felt their information of a potential sabotage of NORAD gave me a great responsibility to try to help hopefully to deliver information to avert such an event . I also was able to share some Angelic communications and what some of their benevolent and helpful efforts are.

"THE DIVINE BLUEPRINT" Roadmap for the new Millenium
by Robert Perala United Light publishing - 2001 - ISBN 0-9663130-7-0

Where Robert presents encouragement to discover the inner powers of oneself ,sharing wisdom revealed by his extraterrestrial emissaries…and the intelligent wisdom he feels they revealed to him .. and that he felt that I was most helpful to him in his early steps in his path to discovery …that we are not alone …he calls this an ascension handbook.

"MOTHER MARY SPEAKS TO US" Life-changing encounters with the Virgin Mary
by Brad Steiger and Sherry Hanson Steiger published 1996 - ISBN # 0-451-18804-7

This is quiet an inspiring and uplifting book. I was pleased to be invited to also share some of the communications I have felt so blessed to receive from Mary, the Holy Mother, whose messages ultimately helped others in their lives…

by Sherry Hanson-Steiger and Brad Steiger published first, 1990 St. Martin's Press - ISBN 0-312-05099-2

In this history and highlight of Hollywood's supernatural world and intrest I was delighted to be able to share some insights and other worldly communications with messages from Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, John Belushi, Natalie Wood, etc. and the fascinating things They told me….and how greiving can hold a loved one's spirit to earth.

by Bernard Gittelson, Exploring The World of Psychic Phenomena. 1985 published by Simon and Schuster ISBN0-671-64800-4

A fascinating book of a collection of well-supported proof of the "intangible" becoming very "tangible" and practical in every day life. In this book by Bernard Gittelson I had the opportunity to share expereinces related to someof my "visons" and their use…which enabled me to warn a friend not to take a specific airline flight…the information was given to me in a '"vision/dream" by the spirit of Marilyn Monroe including numbers in the flight....which the person chose to heed and thus was able to avoid a flight that crashed. He had changed his flight to an earlier one and was safely at home asleep....even though his name was listed on the passenger list aborad the flight that crashed.....In this book I also share the story about advising a client to get out of the stock market.. which he did two days before the long remembered 'black Friday'…thus saving a huge investment and perhaps at least for a new dimension to 'inside' information…..!!!

by Laile E. Bartlett, published by McGraw-Hill ISBN 0-07-003915-1

An investigation into the lives of psychic people and the researchers who test phenomena as healing, prophecy, dowsing, ghosts, etc. In this book I spoke about my Earthquake predictions and the book discusses my participation in the pre registering of my earthquake visions at the U.S.G.S. National Earthquake Information Service in Denver under the guidance of scientist Dr. John Derr and an interview quoting his declaration that my accuracy was remarkable and far beyond chance.

by Sherry Hansen Steiger ISBN 0-812-54394-7

This is a marvelous book for young people who have experienced some unusual things that just cannot be explained away. Sherry honored me by incuding a most interesting and unexplainable spirit moment that occurred when I was a teenager and Buddy Holly's plane crashed….

MIND WARS "The True Story of Secret Government Research into the Military Potential of Psychic Weapons"
by Ron McRae (associate with Washington D.C. columnist Jack Anderson's Investigative staff ) 1984 - St. Martin's Press ISBN 0-312-65231-3

Being included in this book was a complete delightful surprise…as they had researched and investigated my efforts to bring the sixth sense/parapsychology into more of practical use…He writes of my Search and Rescue participation through volunteer membership in the San Jose Search and Rescue Team under the direction of their late Director, George Anderson, where I taught "How to Use the Hunch Factor" in locating lost people to Search and rescue seminars that were attended by Law enforcement members including representatives of the Sheriff's departments, U.S. Border patrol and the F.B.I.…as well as participating in Search and Rescue missions to recover lost individuals.

In weeks to come will add other titles that may be of interest …hope these few mentioned are helpful. Tks. for your interest…,,

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